Kim Lancer is hands down the best Executive Coach with whom I've had the privilege of interacting; Extremely personable, intelligent, hard-working, resourceful, and effective.

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Customised development to accelerate your performance.

Executive coaching provides a measurable impact for leaders seeking to expand their leadership capabilities and results.

Coaching Engagements are a challenging, supportive, and life-changing journey that transform you, personally and professionally. You will build self-awareness and deeply Know Yourself, understand impacts to how you currently lead and Trust Yourself, and step in to Be a unique leader.

Executive Coaching engagements are 6,  9 or 12 months and can be in-person or virtual.

Whether you’re a Executive transitioning to the next level; Senior Leader looking to expand your Team, a Business Owner looking to grow your business, ready to explore a different career, or an ambitious leader looking to quickly transform. Executive Coaching is for you!

Your Outcomes

Kim’s energy, empathy, communication style and ability to read her client on every level is extraordinary.

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Fortune 100 Client, New York

frequently asked questions

If you are looking to accelerate your development, in a customised way with one-on-one, curated professional expertise, coaching is for you.

If you are experiencing a change, looking to expand your capabilities or leadership, deciding on your next career move, exploring a different future, looking to unlock your potential, coaching is for you.

If you feel stuck and think change is needed, coaching is for you.

Our coaching can be applied in a variety of situations. In the end, it is down to your motivation to grow as a leader, and as a person.

Clients in the investment banking industries have increased revenue by up to 10x.

Clients in the resource sectors have accelerated their career projection through rapid promotions.

Clients who owned their own businesses have worked through ways to expand into new markets and lead unexperienced teams.

And many others have stepped into expanded leadership roles, learned to balance executive responsibilities with home needs, and reprioritised career aspirations.

Your results will be personal to you. They will accelerate your work and leadership growth and impact your personal life.

Our coaching is a one-on-one partnership that takes you through a bespoke, proven process – in which you are in the driver’s seat.

Our Coaching engagements are 6, 9 or 12 months in duration. They can take place in-person or virtually, based on your unique situation.

Your leadership will accelerate through deep conversation, insightful questions, experiential activities, and active reflection.

Our coaches guide you with empathy and challenge you with compassion. You will accelerate results in your leadership, your life, and yourself.

Our Coaching engagements are  6, 9 or 12 months in duration. Six months is the minimum for meaningful behaviour change and enhanced leadership growth to take place.

Your coaching sessions will occur every 2-3 weeks and are scheduled ahead of time, to drive your commitment and accountability.

The minute you invest in a coaching engagement, you start to feel excitement and anticipation for the acceleration you will experience.

Engagements last 6, 9, 12 months depending on your preference and consist of regular sessions every 2-3 weeks.

Between sessions, you will receive “homeplay,” baby action steps, thoughts, resources or experiments to put into practice.

A typical coaching session includes: 1) connection and review of previous commitments, 2) discussion of a challenge, goal, or success and exploration of what is working/ not working, and 3) action planning and commitment.

Each coaching session is 60-minutes. Your coaching can be virtual, in-person, or a combination, depending on your unique situation and your coach’s availability.

You will set a goal and complete an exercise at the beginning of your coaching engagements to set a baseline.

This exercise sets intention and holistically measures your life, success, and happiness in key areas.

Prior to every coaching session, you will complete a short online form, which enhances your reflection, captures achievements and fine tunes your goal for the next session.

At the end of your journey, you will retake the beginning exercise, revisit your goal, and evaluate results that have been accelerated.

Coaching is highly personal. There are many ways to support an individual to accelerate their results. This starts with feeling a connection and a level of trust with your coach.

All our coaches are highly knowledgeable, have experience coaching hundreds of leaders around the world and have your best interests in mind.

Some coaches will rely on only one standard tool and keep stringent with their process. If you are looking for that, we are not your coaches.

Our belief is that a coach puts aside their own agenda for your development and co-creates it with you.

You should look for a coach who challenges you, but also puts you in the driver’s seat for your own development.

All Tall Poppies Coaches have rigorously trained through an accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) program and completed more than 500 hours of coaching.

Additionally, our coaches hold numerous degrees that focus on human psychology, communication, and business management.

Each member of our team has experience working within Fortune 500 companies, as well as consulting for industry leading Global Leadership Development companies.

Accelerate your performance and business results through a personalised and transformative process.

Tall Poppies provided engaging and customised advice that aligned with my challenges, allowing me to focus and grow

Vice President
Private Wealth, New York
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Confident Leadership – A Virtual Experience

Even the most exceptional leaders experience self-doubt and uncertainty. Dive deep into leadership challenges and emerge an elevated leader.

Our Tall Poppies methodology has been digitised for your confidence. Built to fit into your busy world, this self-paced 60-minute module includes globally tested experiences to improve your leadership.

You will accelerate results and create impact in real-time, completing 10-minute guided exercises, with instantly applicable insight. Minimise self-doubt, enhance your decisions, and fuel your leadership.

Invest in Yourself.

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