It is often difficult to find useful leadership development tools for my managers. This module will be a game changer to instil confidence in my leaders, to make quick decisions and be their true selves at work.

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Confident Leadership

Guided Learning Module

The most impactful leaders around the world are Confident Leaders. However, our leaders are often times put into a position of influence and power without proper development.

They may learn tools and frameworks that make managing easier – but Leadership is an art. It’s something to feel from within. This is where many transitioning leaders and organisations miss the mark.

Our Confident Leadership module aims to develop your Leadership from within. Building the capability to lead yourself, your team, and your life. This program is an immersion in yourself – and you’ll come out the other side able to leverage your superpowers, make decisions with confidence, and build your path with intention.

Global experience and research, tells us that leaders on their development journey benefit most from our Knowing. Trusting. Being. Themselves. By leveraging this three-step process, Leaders develop awareness of strengths and what drives them, understand the operating system that gets things done, and step into their own uniqueness that inspires. This growth enhances Confidence from within.

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Confident leaders are self-aware and motivated, can manage/ leverage their thoughts to make key decisions, and bring a uniqueness that inspires trust and interest in the future they are creating.

In short, confident leaders know, trust, and can be themselves!

This content has ignited confidence in thousands of leaders around the globe in Tall Poppies Leadership’s Executive Coaching, Workshops and Team Days. When you take the time to Know Yourself; fully step in and Trust Yourself; and feel comfortable to Be Yourself in different situations, you will feel Confident and intentionally design your world – leadership and personal.

In this module you will experience bite-sized learnings/ exercises that can be completed during your own time. They have been curated to understand your unique challenges and how you can overcome to be the leader you know is inside.

They have been designed to help you explore yourself, build an understanding of challenges we all face, and build a plan to accelerate success.

You will understand and learn to manage/ leverage internal challenges and protect yourself from the external noise along the way. In other words, you will Stand Tall!

The Confident Leadership module has been designed to be impactful for all leaders – whether developing into leadership, within your role, or for the next evolution. You make meaning of the content and exercises, in a personalised way.

The examples, stories and activities have been curated through decades of experience in multiple countries and a range of industries.

Not all people see themselves as Leaders; however, we are all leaders in various aspects of life. We challenge those who say, “but I am not a Leader” to look within. Chances are you are a leader within your organisation, family, community, or your life.

Our Guided Confident Leader Module is self-managed – meaning you are fully responsible for actioning the guided suggestions. We provide an experience that enhances your insight about your leadership, and you decide which specifics and strategies best relate to you.

Our virtual labs are live and interactive. The experience enables your live participation and real-time feedback. You can ask our facilitators a variety of questions linked to your leadership and gain expert guidance.

The Confident Leadership module is made up of short 10-minute sections. Each of these sections has readings, scenarios, research, and or exercises.

We recommend that you complete no more than three sections – 30-minutes – in one sitting. This provides time to reflect and put into practice what you have learned.

Once you complete each module, you will be guided along to the next – following the journey of 1) Know. 2) Trust. 3) Be. Yourself.

The total commitment is between 60 – 90 minutes. Our module will remember where you are, so you can pause when you like.

Utilising best practice, you will complete the module within 1-month and practice what you have learned.

Our online module has been designed to fit within with your work life and personal life.

While it is guided and fully online, you are responsible for the results. If you complete the exercises, attempt the suggestions, and reflect on the results, you will accelerate your leadership.

The module is online, but the results are real-life. If you simply go through the motions, you will not grow as fast as if you attempt the exercises and experiences.

Let us guide you and ignite your success!

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Guided Learning

Confident Leadership – A Virtual Experience

Even the most exceptional leaders experience self-doubt and uncertainty. Dive deep into leadership challenges and emerge an elevated leader.

Our Tall Poppies methodology has been digitised for your confidence. Built to fit into your busy world, this self-paced 60-minute module includes globally tested experiences to improve your leadership.

You will accelerate results and create impact in real-time, completing 10-minute guided exercises, with instantly applicable insight. Minimise self-doubt, enhance your decisions, and fuel your leadership.

Invest in Yourself.

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