Tall Poppies creates an environment and drives solutions where participants can experience real business and personal impact into their world.

Global Head of Talent Development
Nomura Investment Bank, New York

Global Virtual Labs

Choose from a customised menu of relevant topics, that have been designed to enhance your Confidence and to Know. Trust. Be. Yourself.

Tall Poppies Virtual Labs provide just-in-time learning, with practical tips, a customised 1-pager guide, and embedding resources for continued support.

Our Virtual Labs will challenge your thinking, provide you with best practices, and accelerate your professional success in a digestible 40-minute format.

Following the lab, you’ll be challenged through an interactive 20-minute Q&A – where you’ll leave feeling empowered and armed with new strategies that can be utilised immediately.

Topic Examples

Each facilitator has deep expertise in Leadership and Development – driving solutions that have real business impact.

Global Head of Talent
Finance, Singapore

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If you are looking for one or more of the following:

  • practical tips delivered at fast pace
  • professional development
  • content delivered in a bite-sized, focused way
  • enhanced leadership skills
  • increased confidence
  • immediate business results

Our virtual labs are live and interactive. The experience enables your live participation and real-time feedback. You can ask our facilitators a variety of questions linked to your leadership and gain expert guidance.

Our Guided Confident Leader Module is self-managed – meaning you are fully responsible for actioning the guided suggestions. We provide an experience that enhances your insight about your leadership, and you decide which specifics and strategies best relate to you.

Labs are built to fit into your busy work life. Participants can be in various locations and come together for a shared experience – no need to book venues, conference rooms and you can avoid travel costs. They allow cross pollination of ideas across business units and provide an opportunity to streamline learning by creating a series of targeted topics.

All Virtual Labs are live training experiences, with a facilitator guiding you through practical content and reflection.

They are interactive experiences that keep you engaged throughout.

The duration is 1 hour, comprising of 40-minutes of content, 20-minutes of Q & A for a deeper discussion of applying the tips and strategies.

Labs are facilitated via Zoom, and you are provided with a 1-pager guide to reinforce the learning.

Visit the Why Us page to meet our engaging facilitators.

Connect with us directly at connect@tallpoppies.us to receive our extensive list of topics, customised to suit today’s developing Leaders.

The maximum number per Virtual Lab is twenty-five. This number prioritises participant interaction and establishes a connected group of leaders.

Connect with us to discuss packages suited to your needs and goals.

Access our extensive Virtual Lab Library – customised for today’s Leaders.

Kim delivers a high-energy and challenging professional development lab, which allowed me to leave with immediate results and learnt leadership skills. I thoroughly recommend the series to anyone looking to receive targeted and tangible outcomes

Vice President
Professional Services, San Francisco
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Guided Learning

Confident Leadership – A Virtual Experience

Even the most exceptional leaders experience self-doubt and uncertainty. Dive deep into leadership challenges and emerge an elevated leader.

Our Tall Poppies methodology has been digitised for your confidence. Built to fit into your busy world, this self-paced 60-minute module includes globally tested experiences to improve your leadership.

You will accelerate results and create impact in real-time, completing 10-minute guided exercises, with instantly applicable insight. Minimise self-doubt, enhance your decisions, and fuel your leadership.

Invest in Yourself.

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