What I used to view as potential conflict and difficult to address, I now see as a workable conversation within my team, thanks to practical learnt tools through the 6-month Tall Poppies Leadership Development Program.

National Branch Manager
Healthcare, Perth

Leadership Development Program

Invest in your top talent and watch them drive success! Challenge your Leaders through our 6-month development journey and maximise their impact across your organisation.

Our Leadership Development Program provides a dynamic methodology to upskill and instill Confidence in your Leaders. They will be guided through experiential workshops, apply learnings in real-time on the job, gain coaching and feedback from their facilitator, and build a community of support.

Through shared best practices, your leaders will enhance critical leadership skills – in a sustainable way – leaving more strategic and confident to Know. Trust. Be. Themselves!

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All exercises were very much tailored to my role which made for a very positive experience, not only personally but professionally. Thank you Kim, you were wonderful!

Branch Manager
Healthcare, Perth

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If you would like to accelerate the development of your high-potential leaders, this program will be for you.

Our participants learn how to lead themselves and inspire others. They understand how their actions reverberate and impact their teams.

Past participants have fast tracked into senior roles and highly impactful responsibilities.

If your organisation is looking for more inspiring, happier, able to be themselves leaders, then connect with us.

The Leadership Development program experience is highly personal and customised to your organisation. It is a curated 6-month framework to upskill and empower your leaders.

We provide a shared experience between participants, which enhances peer relationships, whilst also tailoring to the varying levels of individual leaders.

Our program is delivered through a variety of means – virtual and in-person – by expertly trained and experienced facilitators and coaches.

You will learn impactful content and gain practical advice, and you will build strong connections with other participants that will support your career, leadership, and personal life well beyond the program.

The Program is a 6-month duration, with a structure, and intentional sequencing of workshop days, group coaching and virtual labs. Behavioral change takes time, so your team best evolves with practice.

We will work with your schedule and book ahead of time, to drive commitment and accountability from all leaders involved.

It is beneficial to have external experts guide your leader’s development, call out limiting beliefs, challenge mindsets, and inspire change.

Many organisations request top-ups after the program and decide to embark on multi-year support.

Our program is mainly aimed for senior managers and above. There will need to be a level of competency to put learning into practice and bring experiences to the cohort. Our programs leverage real-life leadership examples and link them with highly impactful content.

This program is a blend of in-person and virtual as we flexed to meet our client structure and needs.

Your program will include workshops (in-person or virtual), labs (virtual bite sized learning), and coaching (virtual).

While our workshops are in person, our labs and coaching are mainly virtual.

This blended design not only works for many of our busy leadership clients but has been determined most impactful for our global and distributed client organisations. An output is that it has been designed to meet your time and budgetary constraints.

Connect with us to discuss your organisation’s audience, needs, and goals.

Customised Programs for experienced leaders with high potential.

I found the program and the additional offered takeaway tools, extremely helpful in enabling me to grow in confidence when dealing with a variety of different situations in our working week and industry.

Senior Leader
Healthcare, Perth
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Guided Learning

Confident Leadership – A Virtual Experience

Even the most exceptional leaders experience self-doubt and uncertainty. Dive deep into leadership challenges and emerge an elevated leader.

Our Tall Poppies methodology has been digitised for your confidence. Built to fit into your busy world, this self-paced 60-minute module includes globally tested experiences to improve your leadership.

You will accelerate results and create impact in real-time, completing 10-minute guided exercises, with instantly applicable insight. Minimise self-doubt, enhance your decisions, and fuel your leadership.

Invest in Yourself.

Purchase below and Stand Tall!