Through our Team Journey we uncovered things that were holding us back. I gained valuable insight about my team, and received coaching that was specifically tailored to me

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Team Journey

Teams that are intentional drive results, confidently. They take time to focus on each individual’s needs and they align together to accelerate results.

The Tall Poppies Executive Team experience takes each senior leader on a journey to Know, Trust, and Be themselves – empowering cross-pollinated, aligned ideas; faster decision making; and improving time usage. This program is a combination of group and individualised development, while measuring your Team results from year beginning to end, through assessments, experiential leadership activities, thought-provoking and collaborative discussion, and conflict resolution.

Your Team will align, commit, and hold each other accountable – exceeding its objectives with Confidence.

Topic Examples

Projects are very challenging with a lot of intense periods that lead to silo behaviours in leaders. The team days we experienced served to build strong bonds between us which made the project run more efficiently.”

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Energy Project, perth

frequently asked questions

Is your team performing at a 9 or 10 out of 10? If not, experiencing a structured team development journey will enhance your performance.

Teams are not naturally high performing; it is achieved through effort.

If your team has difficulty managing conflict, has parts that do not seem to fit together, needs to hit deadlines, or could be better at showing up united to your employees/ organisation, this journey may be for you.

We work best to navigate competing priorities, to move teams from ME to WE and reach united outcomes. It is common for team members to change and see new joiners during the time, our framework effectively navigates this.

Your team will be more cohesive, more aligned, connecting across any invisible silo’s. This means they will problem solve quicker, voice concerns, ideate and bring obstacles to the forefront.

They will trust each other, feel accountable and be united in achieving more holistic results for your organisation.

The impact of their enhanced peer relationships is better business results, more consistently, reducing time wastage.

They will trust each other, feel accountable and be united in achieving more holistic results for your organisation.

Executive teams are crucial to achieving organisational goals, building future success, and inspiring employees to step into the process.

Our Team Development program supports your executives to move from ME to WE – overcoming challenges, to build strong alignment across departments.

The alignment they gain will provide one voice for your organisation, enabling healthy conflict to leverage diversity of thought, and showing up as a united front to inspire your employees to thrive.

Our approach creates a sustained way for all team members to enhance their way of working together – in the long term. We focus on the core of the team dynamic, eliminating silos, resolving conflict, driving accountability, and evolving relationships – leaning into a collaborative approach. As an outcome, the individual and the whole team are changed, which embeds the learnings.

Your team will experience a 9-month framework, comprising of curated team days, each with a separate theme and intersession 1:1 coaching.

Our approach intentionally focusses on the individual and the whole – this ensures the change is lasting and the organisation experiences the best results.

The Program is 9-months in duration, with a structure, and intentional sequencing of team days, intersession work and coaching. Behavioral change takes time, so your team best evolves with practice.

We will work with your schedule and book ahead of time, to drive commitment and accountability from all team members. In between the Tall Poppies facilitated sessions, we will share insights, tools, and recommendations for the leader to reinforce in your internal meetings.

It is beneficial to have external experts guide your team’s development, call out inconsistencies, challenge mindsets, and inspire change.

Many teams request top-ups after the program and decide to embark on multi-year support. The best teams evolve and stay focused on their development.

Executive Teams and Teams that are critical to the organisation or working on high stakes projects.

Executive Teams are often made up of highly successful individuals, who have thrived on personal successes. They come from unique paths and different experiences. We ignite these diverse groups leaders to move from ME to WE and lead one organisation. Depending on the size of your organisation, this can include 1-2 levels removed from the Senior Executive Leadership Team.

Senior Project Teams we have partnered with have high-stakes, high-value responsibilities. They often include members who report to another area and come together for one mission – to innovate the future of the organisation. Many of the Project Teams we work with have competing priorities and reporting structures that need to be evaluated while connecting the team.

Most Teams that have completed our Executive Team development have members in different regions and countries, from diverse backgrounds. Our Team learns to thrive and leverage difference to create united success.

We know how to challenge you in an intentional way, so you remember the learning. Lived experience is more powerful than being told, so our team days are lively, thought provoking and outcome focused. Each activity you will experience is tied to a result you wish to achieve.

While there are fun and experiential activities included in the framework; collaboration, communication, and alignment with your team is the goal.

This is achieved through experiential activities and facilitated team conversation that enables all voices to be heard – prioritising tangible results.

Start when you as the leader are aware that your team needs to perform at a higher level.

There is no perfect time to start, many leaders want to wait until everything is aligned with a team, but teams and members are always changing.

Begin when you are committed, as the leader. Begin when you are experiencing change, juggling multiple business priorities and it is critical that your team succeeds.

Contact us to discuss your team make up and goals.

Find out how to customise your team’s development to accelerate performance.

Our Team struggled to openly share feedback with each other. During the team days, we had frank, yet kind conversations and now are more clear with each other.

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