it is with true gratitude and conviction that I recommend Kim to anyone interested in enhancing their professional and personal growth.

Vice President
Goldman Sachs, New York

Wonder Women Leadership Program

As a symbol of female empowerment, Wonder Woman represents the power of strength. Standing Tall – with Confidence.

Successful Executive Female Leaders will be ignited through a dynamic program focused on enhancing you, the whole you. Join like-minded, and challenging, female leaders and experience a one-of-a-kind journey.

Throughout this 6-month investment, you will ignite ConfidenceKnowing, Trusting, and Being the optimal version of yourself. You will drive results, maximise your leadership, and increase your motivation.

Join our Wonder Women Leadership Program and become a stronger, expanded, more accomplished leader of your personal and professional life.

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Through working with Tall Poppies, I have unlocked doors, possibilities, and opportunities that have delivered impactful enhancements and positive changes on many levels.

Vice President
Senior Leader, Perth

frequently asked questions

If you are looking to accelerate your development, in a unique women focused approach, this program is for you. You will learn about, discuss, and develop.

If you are experiencing a change, looking to expand your capabilities or leadership, deciding on your next career move, exploring a different future, looking to unlock your potential, coaching is for you.

If you feel stuck and think change is needed, coaching is for you. Our coaching can be applied in a variety of situations. In the end, it is down to your motivation to grow as a leader, and as a person.

Clients in the investment banking industries have increased their investment portfolio.

Women in our programs have gained confidence to advocate for themselves, stepped into expanded leadership roles, learned to balance executive responsibilities with home needs, and reprioritised career aspirations.

Your results will be personal to you and enhanced by the Wonder Women community you will be a part of. You will accelerate your work and leadership growth and impact your personal life.

Our Women’s Leadership program takes you through a bespoke, proven process – exploring challenges often faced by women leaders and building your toolkit to overcome and thrive.

Our program is 6-months in duration and is a combination of in person workshops, virtual coaching sessions, and community building experiences.

Your leadership will accelerate through deep conversation, insightful questions, experiential activities, and active reflection.

You will be supported and challenged with empathy from your facilitator, coach, and peers. You will accelerate results in your leadership, your life, and yourself.

Our Wonder Women program is a 6-month curated program, for a small group of senior leaders and high-potential leaders.

The cohort consists of up to ten participants as it is highly targeted and customised. Participants need a safe space to explore topics, be open and maximise the targeted upskilling and discussions.

Participants come from a variety of industries and backgrounds; the similarity is their Senior leadership level. They bring a uniqueness to the program, and shared experiences in challenges women leaders face. You will learn from other’s perspectives, while gaining a feeling of community from our unique design.

Yes. Right now, this program is based in Perth, for our senior leaders and high-potential leader communities. If you would like to explore bringing this program to your women leader communities, connect with us.

Great! We can absolutely apply our proven program framework and customise it to your organisation. This is the most effective way to support and fast track your women leader’s development. We have partnered with organisations around the world to bring this unique and impactful program in-house. Please connect with us and explore the impact this can bring to your women leaders and organisation.

Accelerate your leadership capabilities and create a community of connected female executives today.

Kim Lancer changed my life. The one-on-one coaching element of the program was hugely helpful, and I was able to support that work with the conversations with my Board, peers, and colleagues. It made me rethink my approach to leadership, business selection, and branding.

Vice President
Financial Services, New York
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Guided Learning

Confident Leadership – A Virtual Experience

Even the most exceptional leaders experience self-doubt and uncertainty. Dive deep into leadership challenges and emerge an elevated leader.

Our Tall Poppies methodology has been digitised for your confidence. Built to fit into your busy world, this self-paced 60-minute module includes globally tested experiences to improve your leadership.

You will accelerate results and create impact in real-time, completing 10-minute guided exercises, with instantly applicable insight. Minimise self-doubt, enhance your decisions, and fuel your leadership.

Invest in Yourself.

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