Transforming Lives Through Generosity and Compassion.
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Real lives. Real impact.

Tall Poppies partners with Destiny Rescue to provide freedom for girls trapped in sexual slavery.

At this very moment, a young child is suffering exploitation, being sold, and enduring abuse with no hope for the future. If we don’t intervene, others will, and her nightmare will persist night after night. You have the power to end this injustice.

Help rescue children trapped in exploitation and provide them with a path to freedom and a brighter future.

“In this world, you already know. It isn’t just ‘Me. It’s We’. We don’t do anything alone, it’s always together where we have greatest impact, collectively.

Stand Tall with me, to make a meaningful impact in a young girl’s life”. 

Kim Lancer

Founder & CEO

Destiny Rescue Keynote

Standing Tall together to make a meaningful impact.

Send Rescue. Send Hope

Your donation will contribute to the gift of freedom to children around the world. Be part of the change to rescue a child’s life today.


rescue agents across the world to find and rescue enslaved and exploited children.


the brave girls who have stepped into freedom through a personalised reintegration plan that meets the needs of each girl.


them with education, vocational training and safe employment so they can live a bright future.

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