Success Stories

Fortune 100 Client

"I can't say enough about how highly I recommend Kim as a coach.  Her deep expertise, ability to adjust to my style, her energy, empathy, communication style and ability to read her client on every level is extraordinary.  Her passion for her work and authentic focus on putting her client's interest first is an inspiration.  She is constantly broadening and deepening her own knowledge through reading new perspectives which makes it easy to work with her remotely if need be.  Through working with Kim, I have unlocked doors, possibilities and opportunities in my personal and professional life, that have delivered impactful enhancements and positive changes on many levels.  I have full faith that the practice / habits she helped me to instil, will lead to a more fulfilling, joyful and successful all-around existence."
Vice President, New York

Goldman Sachs

"It has been a rewarding experience working with Kim. She distinguishes herself as a coach and trainer in a host of ways:
  • Attentive listener/observer – Adept at integrating both verbal and non-verbal messages into the foundation of a relationship.
  • Deep knowledge base and experience – Kim understands the complexities/hurdles that often inhibit growth & change.
  • Rigor coupled with patience – Recognizes that change and growth require a focus on mindset and changing behaviors in small but meaningful ways.
  • Authenticity – Kim consistently conveys her commitment to her clients and exhibits ongoing resourcefulness in being part of the journey.
  • Creativity – Kim embraces the reality that there is no one simple formula for growth and change. She customizes her approach to the individual and that individual’s unique circumstances and goals.
It is with true gratitude and conviction that I recommend Kim to anyone interested in enhancing their professional and personal growth."  
Vice President, New York

Top Tier Investment Bank

“She is hands down the best personal coach with whom I've had the privilege of interacting, and I look forward to working with her again in my career. I recommend her without reservation. Kim facilitated group discussions, lead 1:1 coaching and feedback sessions, participated in meetings with our Board of Directors, consulted on group projects, and followed up with each of us individually. Kim is extremely personable, intelligent, hard-working, resourceful, and effective."
Vice President, New York

Energy Project

"Once you commit to a program with Tall Poppies, what you will get is an energy and care factor that I have not experienced before. The regular team interactions over an extended period of time, guarantee positive outcomes and game-changing impacts on the team behaviours and performance. The combination of unique team days coupled with individual and group coaching, enhances relationships and upskills the Leaders, to communicate and collaborate in a significantly more effective and efficient way. I would not hesitate to recommend Tall Poppies."
Senior Leader, Perth


"In just 6 months I feel that I've experienced a paradigm shift in my thinking, and as such, a paradigm shift in not just my professional life, but my personal life too. I would not be in the position I am today, handling the stressors and ongoing challenges of my day-to-day job as an entrepreneur, without Kim's guidance and support. I'm someone who struggles with anxiety, and "downward spiral" thinking, however I now feel better equipped to deal with my internal self-doubt than ever before.  Throughout our discussions I never felt as if I was being actively coached, rather I felt as if I was able to have an open dialogue - stream of consciousness - that Kim helped me better understand, interpret and act upon in a better way than before.  I cannot express how grateful I am for Kim's coaching."    
Business Entrepreneur, Ohio

Nomura Investment Bank

“Kim has deep expertise in Leadership and Development and brings a thoughtful approach to client relationships, helping drive solutions that have real business impact. Her follow up and ability to build strong relationships are second to none. As a trainer and coach, she delivers programs with passion and creates an environment where participants can immediately start to apply the subject matter to their world; a real asset in what is often a time compressed environment.”
Global Head of Talent Development, New York

Maximus International

“Kim trained and coached a group of people in the American subsidiary of an Australian company and achieved stunning results. Global projects are complex yet if you have consultants like Kim who are smart, interested and have no issues with being flexible to the needs of the group, they work really well. Kim is detailed and methodical in her preparation and approach. This is a sure sign for me of someone who wants to deliver exceptional results for clients.”
Associate Director, New York

Private Wealth

“Kim was a standout. What impressed me about her, was the combination of skills and traits she brought to the table. First, she was always extremely well prepared. She researched the nuance of our industry-within-the-industry as well as quirks of our corporate culture. This made for productive sessions with advice that was not generalized but customized to our challenges. Kim has a captivating personality, full of energy and knowledge that she conveys in an engaging fashion. All of her coaching was helpful, but the 1:1 sessions in particular. Kim helped me to focus on natural strengths and how to get positive energy from those. She also needed to give me some critical feedback which she did in a constructive way. I still refer to my notes when I need a mindset adjustment or am trying to craft a better approach to a situation at hand. I am anxious to work with her more."  
Vice President, New York

Resourcing and Contracting Services

"We partnered with Kim and Tall Poppies for an executive driving High Performance Program. Kim’s leadership style is very adaptable, and she works really well with others. We found the program to be challenging and flexible at the same time. Kim is great at checking in, making tweaks throughout the program when needed and always brings her 'A' game. A key element of the program was one-on-one coaching, which I believe was critical to the success of the team’s development."
Chief People Office, Perth

Rotary of Elizabeth Quay

"The term powerhouse applies to few so much as Kim Lancer. Kim - Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker and Founder of, is an all-round 'Wonder Woman'. Kim recently lent her prodigious talents to the gathered crowd of Rotary of Elizabeth, with a series of exercises to prod and poke the ego.  She taught an array of 60-odd professions the tenets of self-leadership needed to supercharge their 2021."
Rotary Group, Perth

Lend Lease

“As part of a year-long high-performance development program, a small group of us attended a leadership session that Kim facilitated. Kim filled the space with warmth and energy from the moment she entered the room. She inspired us to find our own leadership strengths and develop some new skills through a balance of positive reinforcement and challenge. Kim also allowed her own leadership presence to grow into the room in a way that we were able to observe and grow with. Kim’s style is vibrant and refreshing. I would certainly work with her in the future and recommend her leadership coaching to others.”  
Head of Environment - Health and Safety, Sydney
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