Be Yourself

You’re weird!

That’s right – I said it. YOU’RE WEIRD!

Embrace your Quirks. Live true. Be Yourself!

Take a moment to answer these questions:

Write down: Who are the most successful people you know? What leaders do you follow? Who are the celebrities that most interest you? What sporting figures ignite your city? Look at your list.

I bet the people you wrote down are not the normal ones – mine weren’t (Thank you Jason Kelce – go Philadelphia Eagles Football!).

They’re the ones with something different to offer. A reason they’re interesting to you – whether a smile, laugh, cry, or something else. They have something different that ignites neural pathways that make you feel… well, really FEEL.

The best leaders tap into their uniqueness – aka their Quirks. This is the multiplier in our Confidence equation. (K + T) x B = C

I once worked with a Leader who wore Converse and rapped at company events. She was fantastic at her job – inspiring and fun to be around. Her team was high performing and the company benefited from having someone who brought this excitement, and the best out of her team.

It’s people/ stories like this that give us motivation, hope, excitement, happiness.

Once you step into Being Yourself, you can ignite others. That’s true leadership! For yourself and for those you lead.

To do this in a way that feels true to yourself – it needs to be YOU.

The great thing is that it’s never too late to change. Step in and Be Yourself. You will feel more whole, and more confident. And the best part – all those around you will be empowered to do the same.

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