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We are thrilled to kick off a regular cadence of blogs and videos to Ignite Your Confidence. In these blogs, will explore Know Yourself, Trust Yourself, and Be Yourself; and how Tall Poppies uses this formula to Ignite Confidence, and success, in your Leadership.

It may seem all too simple; but often we overcomplicate things that can be simple. Let’s explore the Know, Trust, Be formula.

Know + Trust x Be = Confidence – This is grounding behind everything we do. Evolved from decades of experience working with Senior Leaders in Fortune 100 companies, on five continents, and a variety of industries.
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The Equation:

1) Know Yourself: As research has repeatedly shown, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is what differentiates good leaders from great ones. The first two quadrants of EI – Self-Awareness and Self-Management – provide guidance to understand yourself, and to manage the approach(es) you take within your relationships. This internal reflection – identifying your superpowers, motivators, and core values – will guide you towards the impact you want to have.


2) Trust Yourself: Our inner voice can help or hinder our leadership – and we all have one! How do you know when your inner voice is a value add? How do you know when it’s getting in the way? With a grounding self-knowledge, we can listen to and trust our inner compass. The best leaders take the complex and make it simple, digest data and make decisions with conviction, and lead others with confidence towards an everchanging future. Trusting yourself is key to owning your unique form of leadership.


3) Be Yourself: Authentic Leadership is a term that’s been around for years. In our experience it is also a topic of confusion. “If I am my authentic self in the workplace, I won’t have a job for long!” This is one of many quotes we hear from coaching clients, regardless of country or industry. Being yourself is different – it’s the multiplier. When you embrace your uniqueness, know your north star, and trust your inner compass – you have the greatest impact. The more we step into our true selves, the better we will be.


4) Confidence: Stepping into the superhero that is you. Projecting strength to the ones you lead, care for, and influence. Confident Leaders are the best versions of themselves and bring out the best versions from within the people they lead!
Once the Know, Trust, Be formula is mastered, you will Ignite your Confident Leadership to shine. Leadership that will positively impact those around you and, most importantly, yourself!

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